sweet dough – Fruit Pizza

fruit pizza image

I picked up lots of wonderful, truly fresh fruit at the farmer’s market a few days ago. As I was walking to my car, I remembered my favorite summertime dessert as a kid – fruit pizza. A soft sugar cookie dough and sweet, fluffy cream cheese topped with fresh fruit. Any fruit can be used on this dessert so choose ... Read More »

Another Recipe for Organic Pizza Dough

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Who doesn’t love pizza? Thick or thin crust, heaped with toppings or simply tomatoes and cheese, pizza is a food that nearly everyone can agree on. But while gourmet pizza parlors are popping up everywhere, pizza at home is still rather limited: greasy, delivery pies are hardly drool-worthy, and many refrigerated doughs are packed full of hard-to-pronounce ingredients and preservatives. ... Read More »

Pizza and Healthy DO go hand in hand

organic pizza healthy crust

“Pizza” and “healthy” are words that don’t necessarily always go together—but they absolutely can. And the result is just as yummy. I will offers the secrets for lightening up your pizza when you make it at home—and even reveals the recipe for a healthified wild-mushroom pizza that is positively droolworthy. Instructions Use a whole-wheat dough or mix whole grains or ... Read More »

Amazing Healthy Pizza Crust

amazing healthy organic pizza crust recipe

Ingredients 1¼ cup blanched almond flour (or ½ cup coconut flour) ¼ cup Jay Robb protein powder (unflavored, optional) 4 TBS Psyllium husk powder ½ tsp salt 2 TBS grated parmesan 1 TBS Italian spices 2 tsp baking powder 2 eggs (4 eggs for coconut flour) 1 cup boiling water butter or coconut oil (for brushing) (Toppings of your choice) ... Read More »

Wholemeal Pizza Dough Recipe for Vegetarians

healthy vegan pizza dough

Are you sick of buying cardboardish pre-made pizza bases from the grocery store? Well look no further. This is my tried-and-trusted reliable vegan wholemeal pizza dough recipe… it is easy to prepare with only 5 ingredients! This pizza dough is absolutely amazing because it gets crunchy on the outside but deliciously fluffy on the inside! The wholemeal flour gives the ... Read More »

[HEALTHY] This recipe is about how to make homemade pizza dough

our representation of a homemade pizza dough

I’d like to shared this chewy, crispy, and how to make homemade pizza dough recipe awhile back (which is healthy), and since then I’ve made it about 100x. It perfect for pizza, flat bread, or even a dessert jazzed up with some apples and cinnamon. It’s crispy, thin, and oh-so-yummy texture will please even your toughest critics. But who’s really ... Read More »

This is a recipe for whole Whole Wheat Pizza Crust (Dough)

image that represents the whole wheat pizza crust

Baking with whole wheat can be tricky. When I first started, I quickly learned replacing whole wheat flour with white flour 1:1 won’t bring good results. I also realized there is a huge difference between whole wheat flour and whole wheat pastry flour. Whole wheat flour is generally ground from hard white wheat. It has a higher protein and gluten count so it’s ... Read More »

Organic Healthy Pizza – easy to make recipe

an organic healthy pizza which is easy to make recipe

I have always wanted to make pizzas at home. And when I saw them in different blogs , cooking sites and Tv, I use to drool at the pictures and was more tempted to try it soon. I use to fall short of some ingredients or a proper recipe whenver I decided to make. But finally I used a recipe ... Read More »

This healthy pizza is one to try for the family

for you family, a healthy pizza

When most folks think of junk food somehow pizza gets lumped into the same category as Coca Cola and Pop Rocks. Poor pizza. I beg to differ. At my house, pizza is part of our healthy diet. Italians have been eating tomato pie for hundreds of years, and traditional cultures have been eating similar flat bread dishes since way before ... Read More »

How to: Bacon, Spinach Salad and Blue Cheese Pizza


Fall is here—officially so next Sunday, in fact—and while I love this season, I still want to hold on to the last bit of summer when it comes to my produce choices. Since cherry tomatoes, fresh greens and fragrant chives are still brightening up my Saturday morning walk through the West Chester Grower’s Market, I decided I would enjoy them right ... Read More »